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Alum Chine & Westbourne
in Bournemouth

Alum Chine is an attractive and popular family holiday location, with hotels and guesthouses, situated between Bournemouth and Poole whilst still being a distinct suburb of Bournemouth.

Alum Chine, once the home of Robert Louis Stevenson, has superb sandy beaches, the very popular Treasure Island children's playground right next to the beach and a beach shop.

There are three bridges spanning the Chine, one being a suspension bridge. A peaceful stroll through the exotic woodlands of the Chine brings you to the shopping centre, pubs and restaurants at Westbourne.

Whilst Westbourne is busy, Alum Chine hotels offer a more peaceful and relaxing holiday environment than those in Bournemouth centre, as you would expect.

Yet everything Bournemouth is famous for is not far away. The walk along the Promenade underneath the cliffs or along the beach to Bournemouth Pier is always pleasant.

An alternative walk is via the zig-zag paths or the cliff lift, and to walk along the clifftop taking in the magnificent vista across Poole Bay.

The land train runs along the Promenade, from close by the bus terminus at the foot of the Chine, to Bournemouth Pier and to Boscombe Pier beyond. Open top buses will take you into Bournemouth and Poole - so let the breeze run through your hair!

Just a short walk along the Promenade in the direction of Poole is Branksome Chine which offers yet more sea, sand and sunshine.

Alum Chine gains its name from a 16th century attempt to mine and manufacture alum and copperas - alum being a fixative used in dyeing, tanning, illuminating and painting, and copperas was a dye used in manufacturing black ink. A Chine is a narrow, steep sided coastal valley, typically formed in soft Tertiary sands and gravels in southern England by the ancient action of fast flowing streams.

Not far from Alum Chine:

Branksome Chine

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